Code of Conduct

ChemNano is a commercial company and as a commerical company don't want to concern any political areas. We vote for open borders for business, freedom of any individuals, tolerant behaviour to any people.

ChemNano employees and third parties to which ChemNano offers business relation must make good, ethical decisions based on fundamental values of honesty, integrity, promise keeping, fairness, respect, concern for others, and personal accountability. When the law and our Code of Conduct are silent on an issue, employees must nevertheless make decisions that are legal, ethical, and consistent with the Code of Conduct. Main ideas of Code of Conduct is listed below:

ChemNano prohibits bribery. All our employees and any third party to whom this Principle applies, must not provide, offer or accept bribes, kickbacks, corrupt payments, facilitation payments, or inappropriate gifts, to or from Government Officials or any commercial person or entity, regardless of local practices or customs.

ChemNano is committed to complying with all applicable export, import, and trade compliance laws in all countries in which ChemNano does business. This includes laws and regulations pertaining to trade embargoes and economic sanctions, export control, anti-boycott, cargo security, import classification and valuation, product/country of origin marking, and free trade agreements.

ChemNano’s reputation as a responsible company extends to the products and services we offer and how we represent them. ChemNano employees, and any third party to which this Principle applies, must represent ChemNano’s products and services truthfully, fairly, accurately, and in a professional manner in all sales, advertising, packaging and promotional efforts.

We believe that only responsible attitude to the business behaviour is able to provide sustanable growth and development. That is why we have respect for our promise!