About company

We are a science-based technology company group. We love applying our science to creating products. We are relentless in our pursuit of solutions to our customers' problems. We are not big, but we are flexible and proactive!

Group of companies ChemNano is focused on research and development of chemical products. Companies, which are affiliated under umbrella brand 'ChemNano', are specialized by business activity. For example, we do researches through LabChemDesign Ltd, which also provide scaling of synthesis technology. Another company, KPD Ltd., provides commercial promotion of developed products and so on. This differentiation is making easy controlled corporate environment and provide financial stability and sustainable growth.

A crucial difference between other similar companies is strong orientation on developing of sales activities. We know that just producing is only small part of process of bringing a product to a customer. On based of our more than 10 years sales experience we have built sales structure which help quickly penetrate to different industries and build trustful and long lasting relationships.
As a part of sustainable development we use complex approach in providing of complex solution for a customer. That means ChemNano supplies products from different suppliers to serve customers with full pack of solution. We are constantly looking of solid partners in different industries to be more attractive for customers. If some supplier is looking for the new markets with own products, then he is welcome! Our target region is Russia and CIS markets and we are experts on this region!

ChemNano strengths:

  • Customer and industries focused
  • Long experience in chemicals business
  • Local sales force and warehouses
  • Highly professional personal
  • All operation are 100% legal (See our Code of Condact)
  • Committed to health, safety and the environment

Our lowlights:

  • Yes, we are still small organisation. But, as it was mentioned before, it helps us to be fast, flexible and proactive.