ChemNano was run at 2014 as an inventor and producer of specialized pigments for security documents.

On based of achieved success it was taken decision to expanse efforts on other areas of organic chemistry. The collaboration contracts were concluded with several Research Institutes and production facilities.
At 2015 ChemNano reached an agreement with ANF Technology – inventor and supplier of NAFEN (Al2O3 nanofibers ). Accordingly, to this agreement ChemNano has been got exclusive rights to represent ANF Technology in Russia. At this period, ChemNano arranged hi-tech solutions for ceramic industry and glue industry.

At 2016 on based of sales experience, ChemNano took decision to supply to the customer complex solution and as a conscience to expand partner network. Now we develop partnership with Spain producer of additives for ceramic industry and do activity in promotion of ChemNanoMet brand of metal parts for chemical industry.